Customs issues

For customs issues molecular analytical tools are presently only used to a limited extent but urgently needed to solve important pending challenges. Three tasks relate to the identification of tobacco, tobacco varieties and tobacco batches that may contain mixtures of tobacco varieties. For tobacco, a species-specific method will be validated that will also be fit for on-site application, by applying isothermal amplification strategies. Accordingly it will be assessed if an on-site application can be developed that meets the MPPs as will be set for tobacco identification for customs objectives. In addition, customs issues related to the tracing of tobacco varieties and mixtures thereof, will be approached on the basis of available methods as well as new methods developed within DECATHLON. Finally, a multimethod will be set up for the identification of endangered species in complex plant and animal mixtures. This method will in the same way become available for other customsrelated traceability issues, linked to fraud and adulteration where species identification is important, for example in the case of halal/kosher products.