The Decathlon project’s strategic objective is the development of cost efficient advanced DNA-based methods for specific traceability issues and high level on-site applications.

More specific DECATHLON aims to:

  • Develop advanced, dedicated DNA-based methodologies for lab-based and on-site application for selected issues in the fields of 1) food pathogens, 2) traceability of GMOs, and 3) customs issues;
  • Develop and apply minimal performance parameters (MPPs) for DNA extraction, isothermal amplification, different PCR-based approaches and next-generation sequencing (NGS) with emphasis on cost efficiency;
  • Include socio-economic factors and other impact criteria in the development of methods, such as on-site applicability and equivalence to current standard approaches;
  • Demonstrate the advanced characteristics of developed methods that are important for decision making, including measurement uncertainties under suboptimal conditions;
  • Developtraining schemes for inter-laboratory validation trials and facilitate subsequent application of the developed methods by additional laboratories on the basis of e-learning tools.