Expert webinar on Custom issues (WP5)

Monday, June 6, 2016

The presentations and the discussion on the topics identified on the Customs issues, in particular on:
·   tobacco specific detection,
·   tobacco profiling, and
·   endangered species identification
The participants had different backgrounds and profiles within the custom analysis area and had experience with methodologies adopted in different regions of Europe and USA.  A few bottlenecks hamper the method validation. The objective to have at least five Customs laboratories involved in validation procedures was not reached yet. This was partly due to the lack of available equipment (real-time PCR/LAMP and/or NGS data analysis), the generation of NGS data as such can easily be outsourced. However, Decathlon can assist with NGS data analysis to overcome this issue.
The Decathlon project will continue working on both tobacco and species identification as both are important and inputs from all stakeholders to validate the methods will be taken into consideration.