Expert webinar on GMOs (WP4)

Monday, June 6, 2016

On the 3 rd of December 2015 the second stakeholder webinar related to GMOs methods within the Decathlon project was implemented. Stakeholder involvement is a very crucial aspect to the successful implementation of Decathlon project. The presentations and the discussion during the webinar identified topics regarding the improved GMOs related issues within the Decathlon project, in particular the progress of the ddPCR protocols for detection and quantification of GMOs; target-enrichment strategies for the NGS for multiplex identification of EU-approved and EU-unapproved GMOs in complex samples; and on-site detection methods of known GMOs.
The webinar was successfully held, reaching a series of relevant conclusions for the Decathlon project. The participants had different backgrounds and profiles from various organizations and countries; in addition, they had experience with GMOs related issues. The Decathlon project has identified some of the highest priorities especially for the GMOs detection and identification that were mentioned by the participants (stakeholders in general): reliability, costefficiency, and practicability, among others. They are important points that have been taken into consideration by the team.
There is a great interest from the stakeholders to receive results from the Decathlon project and the latter will try as much as possible to make it widely and easily accessible to the stakeholders, not only through the scientific publication but also other communication and dissemination channels (e.g. the project website and newsletters).