New dPCR Method for More Cost-Efficient Quantification of GM Soybean Developed

Friday, March 11, 2016

A new method based on droplet digital PCR was developed by researchers at National Institute of Biology, Slovenia and Norwegian Veterinary Institute, for cost-efficient quantification of genetically modified soybean. Soybean is, next to maize, the most important and abundant GM crop, with 11 GM soybean lines authorised in the EU, and four more in the process of authorisation. With that being said, there is a great demand for a more time and cost-efficient method for quantification of GM soybean in food and feed samples.
Therefore, a method comprising of 2 multiplex assays, a 6-plex and a 7-plex, covering 11 authorised GM soybean lines was developed. Due to 4 GM soybean lines in the process of authorisation, 7-plex has successfully been extend to an 11-plex. Method sufficiently shortens the time and the cost of analyses in comparison with current approach using screening and event specific qPCR methods. A paper detailing the method and its validation is in preparation.